Webinar Series: Managing Ageing & Vulnerable Clients – Oct 2021


Speakers: Aidan McLoughlin & Jeremy Mitchell, Independent Trustee Limited
Date: Thursday 21st October 2021, 8am – 9am

Managing ageing and vulnerable clients requires advisers both to exercise their usual professional skills and to understand the issues that arise with, and rules that apply to, such clients. There are profession-specific guidelines, but there is also an area of law and practice that is particularly relevant to these clients – trusts.

Aidan McLoughlin and Jeremy Mitchell from Independent Trustee Limited will review how trusts can assist with elderly clients, those with disabilities and people who have suffered personal injuries or are minors or are unable to manage their affairs for other reasons. They will take you through case studies arising from their own experience as trustees and will explain how such trusts are established, how they work, what the trustee does, who is involved and, in particular, the role of the financial planner.

CPD: 1 hour for live attendance

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