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Why become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional?

The demand for financial planning services among Irish consumers is growing. Help to meet this need, while differentiating yourself from other financial advisers and planners.

Achieve the globally recognised CFP or CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER credential representing the highest standards in financial planning, and join a growing Irish community of almost 900 CFP professionals, and a global community of more than 213,000 CFP professionals in 27 countries and territories.

Achieving CFP certification can help you:

  • Stand Out
    Deepen your knowledge and experience of financial planning while differentiating yourself from others in the financial services industry.
  • Connect
    Join a growing global community and benefit from local and global efforts to increase awareness of financial planning as a profession, with CFP certification as its symbol of excellence.
  • Grow Your Career
    The demand for financial planning is growing. Help to meet this need with a certification recognised and preferred by employers and consumers.
  • Improve the Lives of Others
    Provide knowledgeable and trusted advice while working in your clients’ best interests.