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About Us

Mission: To Develop Standards, Govern and
Certify Financial Planning Professionals
in Ireland

FPSB Ireland envisions a future in which consumers understand the importance and benefits of the financial planning process and how it can make their lives better; a future in which consumers can readily identify financial planners who have committed to competency and ethical standards and who place clients’ interests first; a future in which practitioners aspire to the highest levels of professionalism; a future in which financial planning is recognised as a distinct, valued professional practice.

FPSB Ireland is an affiliate organisation of FPSB, the international body responsible for establishing, upholding and promoting worldwide professional standards in financial planning, represented by the marks of professional distinction – CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and . FPSB Ireland is one of 27 international territories that certify over 213,000 individuals to use the CFP marks.


FPSB Ireland is a not for profit company set up by LIA and The Institute of Banking.

Under its constitution, it is not permitted to pay a dividend to its members and will be operated with a view to its income just covering its expenditure.

Its affairs will be directed by a Council or Board of Directors, whose members include leading academics, industry figures and experienced practitioners.

Its Articles of Association provides for the setting up of a number of committees, the members of which are representatives of various stakeholders in the financial services industry.

Under its Articles of Association, FPSB Ireland is empowered to make bye-laws to regulate its affairs and to lay down certain codes governing those to whom it may grant CFP certification. Some of the Bye-Laws promulgated to date can be found here.