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Education Requirement

Education is a fundamental requirement for achieving CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification. FPSB’s CFP certification education requirement ensures that CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals are familiar with broad knowledge, principles and theories needed to prepare for the professional practice of personal financial planning.

FPSB’s education requirement includes initial and continuing education. While continuing education helps CFP professionals remain current with the competent practice of personal financial planning, initial education provides candidates with sound academic grounding in the subject areas that comprise the discipline of personal financial planning.

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals must complete courses in country or region-specific topics in the body of knowledge for personal financial planning, at the upper division undergraduate or master’s degree level (or its equivalent). Topics are typically in areas such as General Principles of Financial Planning, Insurance Planning and Risk Management, Employee Benefits Planning, Investment Planning, Income Tax Planning, Retirement Planning and Estate Planning.

While FPSB’s education requirement for CFP certification relates only to the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to competently practice personal financial planning, each FPSB Affiliate may require or recommend that candidates for CFP certification complete additional courses on issues relevant to the competent practice of personal financial planning (e.g., values clarification, goal-setting, financial behaviour, attitudes towards money, risk tolerance, consumer investment/savings decisions), as well as practice management issues.

FPSB Ireland has adapted the FPSB model Body of Knowledge to better suit the Irish environment and has set out a Topic List (with associated Learning Outcomes), in accordance with best international practice.

This Topic List is organized within the following modules and it is expected that candidates should be able to complete the required educational process within two academic years.

Module 1    Principles and Ethics of Personal Financial Planning
Module 2    Asset Management
Module 3    Financial and Risk Management
Module 4    Tax and Estate Planning
Module 5    Retirement Planning
Module 6    Integrated Financial Planning

The complete Learning Outcomes and Topic Lists may be downloaded here.

FPSB Ireland is an Assessment and Accrediation body only – it will not itself provide the required education. It has however entered into an agreement with the Institute of Bankers School of Professional Finance (a recognised school of UCD) under which that body will devise and provide approved educational courses to suitably qualified candidates.

The relevant brochure may be accessed on the following websites:


The Institute of Bankers in Ireland

Irish Taxation Institute

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